Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Outside Chapel at Uatafo--end of the road in Samoa 
 "Inside" the "outside" chapel
 The Sunday School classroom
 Their daughter is cleaning the fish for our dinner
 A wood carver making plates to sell at the open market
 Our host digging for "muscles" I think along the ocean shore
 This Samoan is weaving a "fine" mat to sell.  It will takes her at least two months and it will sell for about $500 tala or $250 U.S.
 Our hosts served us lunch: #2 size pig including head and feet, tara, fish, and I don't know how to spell the other delicacies...they shared their "all" with us
 This is where we were--at the end of the earth
I couldn't resist a picture of this naked little "pigherder"  He wasn't about to let those pigs in the kitchen!

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