Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Outside Chapel at Uatafo--end of the road in Samoa 
 "Inside" the "outside" chapel
 The Sunday School classroom
 Their daughter is cleaning the fish for our dinner
 A wood carver making plates to sell at the open market
 Our host digging for "muscles" I think along the ocean shore
 This Samoan is weaving a "fine" mat to sell.  It will takes her at least two months and it will sell for about $500 tala or $250 U.S.
 Our hosts served us lunch: #2 size pig including head and feet, tara, fish, and I don't know how to spell the other delicacies...they shared their "all" with us
 This is where we were--at the end of the earth
I couldn't resist a picture of this naked little "pigherder"  He wasn't about to let those pigs in the kitchen!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Nov 2012American Samoa

This is the airport we left from.  Yes, that is the luggage area and also boarding gate!
We are boarding a 16 seater plane.  They weigh every passenger and their luggage--only 6 pieces of luggage made the flight....if that gives you an idea of the passenger list...  
This is a World War II Japanese ship still on the coast line
This fishing boat is still used for fishing....hope they have an extra bail bucket

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October 2012

 Man fishing in Apia Harbor
 Dense foliage everywhere we look
 Samoans make tapa cloth from tree bark then hand painting it
 Samoans hand print much of their fabric
 Samoans still hand carve outriggers for fishing and sailing
 Neighborhood children
 Anyone want some taro--you can buy it along the sidewalks
 Visiting the "Orator" hotel and restaurant
 Samoans love to dress up and dance

 Beautiful clouds and our "condo" in the background
L.R. playing "1 potatoe" in the backyard with the neighborhood

Friday, September 28, 2012

30 Sept 2012

 It's white Sunday on October 14.  Evidentally its a holiday for the children; many stores have all white clothes in the windows.  This is the same window that I put on the blog a few months ago.

 Photos from our walk this morning.  A fale with grave in front.  This must be a village fale not a private family fale

September 2012

 Inserting hot rocks to cook the insides of "dinner"
 Here's dinner at Sauniatu
 Senior Couples eating in a fale at Sauniatu
 Entertainers at our feast at Sauniatu
 Swimming hole at Sauniatu
 45 students to the top of Mt. Vaea.  Nola had to go get lunch for everyone so she couldn't make the hike
 Posing with students after our Institute hike up Mt. Vaea
 Children all dressed in white for their Sacrament program
 Dinner for the children after their Sacrament program
 Different items made out of coconut trees
 Two more Institute students
Student I helped fill out mission papers

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

August 15, 2012

 Bathing Beauties before swimming at the Trenches
 Samoan "soda pop" delivery
 The Trenches swimming pool connected to the ocean--note the ladder to get in--it is like the Homestead crater
 Samoan weed pullers

Gr. G. Church fan club

August 2012

 Samoan neighbors watching how to plant a garden
 Samoan Supermarket
 Sr. Couples in a swimming place called "The Trenches."  It's like the Homestead crater; you enter by going down 30-40 stairs.  There is also a passage way where you can enter out into the ocean.
 Sr. missionaries around a typical "fale" at resort called the Trenches
 LRG's garden after 6 weeks
 Miss Samoa contestants
 Carving at Robert Louis Stephenson grounds
 At the Robert Louis Stephenson Memorial Grounds
 LRG and Institute students
 Our students after a devotional speaker
 Our students at the Samoan Temple
Samoans love to wear white to "other" churches